Pukhraj Gemstone for Jupiter

Pukhraj Gemstone is the Best Gemstone for Planet Jupiter. Jupiter a natural benefic planet and represents Prosperity and all Kinds of Happiness in Life . Thus Pukhraj Stone is Worn to enhance the Positive Qualities of Planet Jupiter or Guru. Yellow Sapphire Pukhraj Gemstone is a Very attractive stone of yellow color. And is considered The Most Auspicious Gemstone among all the Gems in Astrology. Pukhraj gemstone embraces the powers of planet Jupiter and derives its power to help the Person wearing the Pukhraj Stone to Enhance Good Luck and Fortune.

How to Wear a Pukhraj

Pukhraj Gemstone one of the Most Beautiful and benevolent and Beneficial gemstone because of its auspicious association with Planet Jupiter. Many Astrologers Believe that Everyone Should Once Try To wear this Gemstones in their lifetime to enjoy its benefits But Only Under the Supervision of an astrologer.

Before wearing a Pukhraj One Has to take Into Account the Age and Weight of the Person Along with the Planetary Positions and Strength of Planet Jupiter in a Persons Horoscope to Give Him the Best Guidance. Many Times Its Seen that Persons do not Know the Correct Procedure and Size of Pukhraj for Themselves and without Keeping the Above details in Mind Purchase a Pukhraj BUT are Unable to Get the Best Benefits of Pukhraj .

Methods and Procedure of Wearing Pukhraj Stone

For any Gemstone its Extremely Important to Understand the Size of the Gemstones based on a Persons Horoscope before Purchasing a Pukhraj Gemstone . Generally, out of unawareness people don't actually know that what the right approach of wearing Pukhraj stone is. Hence, keeping the above context in mind, we have described the right approach of wearing this gemstone bellow:

What Should be the minimum weight of a Pukhraj gemstone ?

As Per Astrology Minimum weight of Pukhraj Gemstone for an Adult Person should be 3.25 Carats. For Children 2 Carats is also a Good size .

Which Metal Should Pukhraj Ring Be worn ?

Pukhraj Gemstone will give Most Auspicious results when it is studded in ring in gold. Its Very Important to Note that the Pukhraj Gemstone Should Touch the Body when u wear in a Gold Ring .

Which Finger Should Pukhraj Ring Be worn ?

As Per Vedic Astrology Rules Pukhraj Gemstone should be worn in the INDEX finger. ( First Finger) of the Right Hand . For Females Left Hand is Also Fine . Always Remember the gemstone would touch the Body .

Which Day Should Pukhraj Gemstone Be worn ?

As Per Vedic Astrology Rules The Best Day for wearing Pukhraj Ring is THURSDAY Morning.

What time Should Pukhraj Gemstone Be worn ?

As Per Vedic Astrology Rules The Best Time for wearing a Pukhraj at sunrise Approx. 6 am .

When should you Change or Replace a Pukhraj Gemstone ?

Pukhraj Gemstone if Cracked or Chipped can start Giving very bad Results Thus If you Stone Gets Cracked or chipped Then Its Very Important to Change and Purchase a New Pukhraj Gemstone Ring as Soon as Possible in order to contiguously Enjoy the Benefits of this Auspicious Planet Jupiter.

Step by Step Procedure to wear a Pukhraj Gemstone

  • Put Pukhraj ring with a Cup with a mixture of 1 spoon curd, 1 spoon Honey, 1 Spoon Milk, 1/2 Spoon Sugar, 1/2 Spoon Ghee. You Can Also Place the Pukhraj Ring in GANGAJAL .
  • They do your regular Morning Prayers.
  • After your Regular Prayers, Take this Ring out of the Above Mixture and wash it with Water or Ganga Jal.
  • Wear the Pukhraj Gemstone Ring and Say the following Mantra.
  • Mantra for Wearing Pukhraj : " Om Gum Guruve Namah " 108 times.
  • After Wearing the Pukhraj Ring you should donate any yellow item like Yellow Boondi or Money to a Brahmin on this day to draw the best benefit of the Yellow Sapphire Pukhraj Gemstone Ring.

Kindly Note Pukhraj Gemstones are Expensive Gemstone so One Must take Proper care of the Pukhraj ring by clearing it on the regular basis with water Do not Use any Chemicals to Clean the Pukhraj Ring .