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Pukhraj Gemstone

Pukhraj Gemstone is the Original  Gemstone for Planet Jupiter to enhance the Positive Qualities of Planet Jupiter or Guru. Jupiter a natural benefic planet and represents Prosperity gooPukhraj Gemstone Ring  ,Orignal Pukhraj stone , Mumbai Gemstoned fate, fortune, divine guidance, divine grace, education, power of speech and knowledge. Pukhraj Stone is probably the most sought after gemstone in Mumbai India and the world as it said to be the Original Gemstone of planet Jupiter the most Positive and Important Planet as per Vedic Astrology . Its Also Called as Yellow Sapphire in English.

Pukhraj Gemstone Helps in devotion spirituality, truthfulness, fortune, justice, education, future, religion, philosophy, prosperity, knowledge, wisdom, virtue, and charity. Thus Most of the Successful Persons Have Been Wearing a Genuine Pukhraj Gemstone Ring in Gold to Enhance the Above Qualities .

Many People Place Pukhraj Gemstone in cash boxes to attract wealth and to increase earnings.
Pukhraj Stone is the Most Important Gemstone for
Pisces ( Meena Rashi ) and Sagittarius ( Dhanu Rashi ) Persons.
Pukhraj Gemstone Ring it should be made in such a way that the Pukhraj Stone should touch the body. It not only assists in bringing financial abundance, but in manifesting any vision one wishes to realize.
Pukhraj is Considered a very important gemstone for People in whose Horoscope or Kundli have Jupiter Located in Capricorn ( Makar ) Rashi .
 Pukhraj Stone Wholes Rates , Genuine Stones Mumbai.

Pukhraj Stone is the Best Gemstone for Planet JUPITER . Planet Jupiter also represents continuation of the family tree, power of mantras Shakti , and Also guidance from Guru or preceptors, and provides fame and Success Thus Wearing a Genuine and Original Pukhraj stone Gives All the Above Benefits.

Pukhraj Is Also Very beneficial for Persons in whose Horoscope Jupiter is Located in Capricorn Rashi. As per Astrology Jupiter is Neech ( Powerless )in Capricorn Rashi , Thus it is seen that Such persons Generally suffer from financial Problems and Losses throughout their lives , Thus for such persons, Its is seen that Wearing a Good Quality Pukhraj will help them reduce Financial Problems and Provide them with Financial Stability .
As per Astrology , its is Believed that , all married women who desire a happy married life and a happy family should wear a Pukhraj (Yellow Sapphire )for a happy and prosperous family life as in the chart of all Females Jupiter is the signification of the Husband and Pukhraj is the Gemstone of Jupiter.

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Genuine Yellow Sapphire , Pukhraj Stone , Mumbai Gemstone


 Pukhraj Stone Benefits , Mumbai Gemstone, Genuine Pukhraj

Given Below are the Benefits of Wearing a Original and Genuine Pukhraj Gemstone.


Genuine Yellow Sapphire , Pukhraj Stone , Mumbai Gemstone


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Given Below are the Price / Cost of Genuine Pukhraj Gemstones of Different Grades.

 Pukhraj Stone Procedure, How to Wear , Mumbai Gemstone, Genuine Pukhrah

Given Below is the Procedure and How to Wear Original  Pukhraj Gemstones Ring.

Genuine Yellow Sapphire , Pukhraj Stone , Mumbai Gemstone



Orignal Pukhraj , 1000 per carat , 1000 per Ratti , Mumbai Gemstones





Genuine Yellow Sapphire , Pukhraj Stone , Mumbai Gemstone


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