Pukhraj Gemstone Bebefits Yellow Sapphire


  • As per Astrology Planet Jupiter is the Planet responsible for health and wealth as well as honor and glory to any person. Thus a Pukhraj Stone the Gemstone of Jupiter is Extremely Beneficial for all the above .
  • Guru Jupiter is the Planet of Gyan or Knowledge in the Horoscope . Thus Its Very Helpful in attaining Good Knowledge
  • Jupiter Represents Teachers / Gurus and Persons in the Teaching or Knowledge Based Profession thus wearing a Pukhraj gives the the blessings of Planet Jupiter to such persons.
  • Jupiter is Guru and Thus Pukhraj Gemstone enhances the Positive Quaities like a Guru and Provides peace of mind, courage and happiness. Pukhraj stone makes a Person feel Positive happy and makes him less angry.
  • Jupiter also Represents Spirituality Thus wearing a Pukhraj stones helps a Person get spiritual Inclination in life.
  • Wearing a Pukhraj Stone also helps a Person handle and Sustain to unclear or Doubtful situations in life . Thus Its is believed that a Person wearing a Pukhraj Stone helps a person take proper decisions in life
  • Pukhraj Gemstone BENEFITS For persons born in the Sign of SAGITTARIUS AND PISCES,  Yellow Sapphire or Yellow TOPAZ   is a very Auspicious Gemstone for Jupiter ( Guru )  to wear as it protects the Individual and also ensures a Long and a Prosperous  life.
  • Pukhraj Stone Yellow Sapphire also help in getting happiness from children mental courage , mental peace, prosperity, good luck, name, and fame .
  • Placing A Pukhraj stone in the home or in cash boxes is Extremely Good to attract wealth and to increase earnings. It not only assists in bringing financial abundance, but in manifesting any vision one wishes to realize and Helps Achieve the persons Goals.
  • Yellow Sapphire Pukhraj removes the delays in marriage for a female . Many times there are unnecessary hindrances  in getting a suitable match for a girl, Thus as Per Astrology a female she gets a suitable match very soon after wearing a yellow sapphire Pukhraj Gemstone. It brings stability in married life and the wearer is blessed with children.  Yellow Sapphire Pukhraj removes the delays in marriage Best Gemstone
  • Yellow Sapphire Pukhraj Besides removing obstacles in getting married and correcting imbalance in relationships it also serves as a favorite engagement ring or a wedding ring in India  because As per Astrology in a Female’s horoscope Jupiter-the ruling planet of Yellow Sapphire represents the husband and also represents all joys of conjugal bliss.
  • Yellow Sapphire Pukhraj  is one of the most beneficial Gems for those working in creative and academic pursuits such as Authors and writers as Jupiter represents knowledge, advocates, lawyers and Judges as it represents wisdom and businessmen especially of the trading class as it signifies financial prosperity.

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Yellow Sapphire Pukhraj  is one of the most beneficial Gems

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